crew mail services

About us

With 25 years combined experience in the shipboard cruise industry, our team is comprised of reliable professionals who really understand the needs of shipboard crew. We were crew too!

From the Pursers/Guest Services Division, we have led teams at delivering nothing but the best! Excellence is no stranger to us! And because we know what it is to be away for months, we simply want to help make this time better for you. "we wish there was something like that when we were there!"

We are focused on providing quality services geared towards the people that devote themselves at delivering the best guest experience every day.  And for those that need to send something to your loved ones onboard, we're here for you too!

With us, it starts with the crew! The Crew Mail Services team is here to help simplify the busy crew lifestyle. Our team is ready for you and located within proximity of Port Everglades, Florida terminal, now delivering to Port Everglades, Port of Miami, Port Canaveral.

No service is ever too big or too small!
— crew mail services