Need to ship items domestically or internationally?

Our team is dedicated to handling your shipments with the utmost care and responsibility, understanding the value and importance of your items. 

From small letters to large parcels, our streamlined processes ensure timely and efficient methods for your shipment. 

Our Shipping Steps

Popular Carriers

Domestic & International Shipping Options

Whether you need to send a gift to a loved one or important documents across the world, we are here to make sure your shipment reaches its destination.

Balikbayan to the Philippines

Planning to ship your goods to the Philippines? Crew Mail Services has you covered with our comprehensive shipping solution.

Say goodbye to the complexities of international shipping and let us handle it all for you. 

Simplifying the Process

With Crew Mail Services, shipping to the Philippines is a breeze. 

Our convenient service includes:

  • Balikbayan box (23x20x20in)
  • Packing of goods
  • Pickup from your ship or pack items on your behalf
  • Coordination with UMAC partner to deliver package to its final destination in Philippines

UMAC Cargo

We partnered with UMAC Cargo, who specializes in hard to reach locations in the Philippines and will deliver door to door. 

Transit times vary between 2 – 3 months provided there is no delay due to inclement weather or customs clearance and final destination
Pickup from Ship: $175
Pack & Ship: $150