Crew Mail+ Services

Common questions & answers for our services that you might find useful

We have four easy steps to get you started:


After signing up, you will receive notifications upon package arrivals which allows you to view your package photos & details and provide payment details.

Please ensure that you use the below address and format when updating your shipping address:

Full Name
“Your Ship & Department”
2090 NW 29th Street
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311

Important: For some online sellers, our city may be suggested to Oakland Park, this is also fine.



We accept and safely store your package(s) within a climate controlled environment.


You’ll receive instant email notifications when your package(s) arrive at our facility. You will be able to prepay for your service and we ask that you provide payment at least 24 hours in advance to ensure delivery. If you are unable to pay online, then we can accept cash at time of delivery.



That’s it! Relax and enjoy your package delivery that arrives straight to your ship or terminal.

You will receive an e-mail notification that we have received your package(s). You will have the ability to sign into your account to view your package(s) including photos, tracking number and date received. Once you receive the notification, your package has been scanned into our facility and will be ready for your delivery.

Our receiving hours are Monday thru Friday from 10am-5pm.

If a shipping carrier, such as Amazon, UPS, FEDEX, USPS, or DHL, or etc., attempts a delivery outside of our receiving hours, then the carriers will re-attempt the delivery the following afternoon or business day.

We typically coordinate the deliveries your shipboard team. Each ship and terminal are different and may require different processes.

For those ships that we do not physically go onboard, we will load them in transportation bags to be brought onto your vessel. The distribution of the packages will be then executed by your onboard team and will be based upon their availability/ schedules.

If we have agreed with your ship to go onboard to distribute your mail, then we will let you know where & when your packages will be distributed accordingly.

We coordinate the next delivery to your ship with your shipboard team and port officials to confirm the next target date for your mail delivery. 

New target delivery dates are populated within our delivery schedule and can be viewed from your package listing.

Package deliveries are based on size, weight and dimensions.

See below package receiving & delivery menu (effective March 11th, 2024)

  • STANDARD            $6

    <10lb, <40 inches

  • LARGE                   $12

    10-19lb, 40-55 inches

  • X-LARGE               $18

    20-35lb, 56-70 inches

  • XX-LARGE            $24

    36-55lb, 71-85 inches

  • XXX-LARGE          $30

    56-75lb, 86-100 inches

  • OVERSIZED           Contact Us

    76lb+, 100+ inches

Yes, absolutely! Make sure to attach the prepaid shipping label securely onto the sealed return package. The label should include your name and the final destination details. Once prepared, our staff member will collect the item during the next scheduled delivery to your ship.

If you didn’t get to print the prepaid return label, you can simply email us with the attachment and we can print it for you and attach it to the package. 

We charge a $5 service fee for the return service and can be prepaid online by adding Crew Mail credits or will add the return package under your account. Then simply checkout to provide payment. 

When submitting a return through Amazon, select the UPS Dropoff — box and label neededoption. We are unable to provide packages with labels that have QR codes to the carriers.


If you don’t have a return shipping label from the vendor, simply email us the return shipping address and hand over the packaged item to our staff.

We will handle the rest by collecting it from the terminal or while we are onboard. Once the package is at our office, we will measure, weigh, and provide shipping options for its return. Once all the details are confirmed, we will send you an online invoice for the shipping request and will be added to your Crew Mail account under “Other Purchases”.

Yes, we have personal shopping services for those that would prefer for us to order on their behalf. We do have a 10% service fee added upon final product price and any delivery fees that would apply. 

You can send us the request to order by providing the links to us via email or WhatsApp. We will then provide you with a quote and then upon approval, will then provide you with an online invoice and then submit your order. 

Any products purchased for you will need to be paid in full at time of package collection. For partial shipments within the same order, the payment is also required to be paid in full when meet onboard or near your ship.